Pool tests for all

Welcome to «Pool tests for all»*.
Here you can register for a pooled PCR saliva test. In a first step, please enter the postcode below in whose vicinity you are looking for a test site.

*The project «Pool tests for all» enables people throughout Switzerland to participate in pooled PCR saliva testing (including certificate in case of negative result). This involves submitting a sample by means of a PCR saliva test at one of the participating testing sites (pharmacies, medical practices, home healthcare services, laboratories test centres etc.). This sample is then mixed together with others to create a pooled sample, which is then analysed in a laboratory. A test costs CHF 36.00 including the issue of a certificate (in case of a negative result). Detailed information and FAQs on the project can be found on our website.

If you are interested in providing pooled testing services as a testing site, you can find further information here.